Technical Consulting Engagements

•    Engagement for Civil Defense and Dept. of Homeland Security for
     OPTIMUS Corporation’s Public Safety Division-
     Hawaii, Asia-Pacific Operations.

•    Directing Advanced Technology Systems,  Hawaii, Asia-Pacific
     Operations, including all technical and Business Projects.

•    Network Manangement/Supervision and Training for US Embassy,

•    Network support and Project Management for Inacom and Vanstar
•    Business Development and Consulting for Technology Solutions Group
     and Hawaii Opportunity Group (IT Consulting)

•    Consulting to The Workstation Group
•    Startup Business Consulting to SAIBR Corp. and International
     Information Exchange (INIX).  

•    Market Development, Project Planning and Integration Services for
     Networks, Incorporated.

•    Technical and Marketing for Pacific Information Exchange (Web
     Services Provider)

•    Business and Technology Consultant to Verifone, Incorporated.  
•    Integration Consulting for the Retail Banking operations for American
     Savings Bank.  Provide both their Intranet infrastructure and their
     internal E-Commerce ordering and tracking site for all their Retail
     Branch locations (39 locations).

•    Certified Network Engineer for Fluke Networks and Dantel. 
     Certified fiber engineer by Optical Cable Corporation.

•    Start Up Consulting for Boise Technology in the Pacific. 

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