Sun Global LLC  provides innovative network solutions including marketing, design, permits, deployment and licensing.  Our unique suite of last mile technologies enables the end user to bridge the digital divide providing virtually unlimited bandwidth and a future proof network.  Focusing within the Metro, Urban, Schools and Hospital sectors (MUSH), as well as leveraging upon successful business partnerships, our ability to deliver solutions of quality products and services is easily achieved.   In addition, Sun Global LLC will continue to maintain a focus working with Telco’s, ISP’s, WISP's, backbone providers, government and private industry in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific.

fiber diagram
If your city is like most mid-tier metropolitan areas, before long, you
could be facing a critical broadband shortfall that will drive up phone
bills, drag down Internet speeds and handcuff local business growth.

Tax incentives and low interest loans used to be enough to attract
and retain businesses. But today, where a company locates or
relocates its offices often hinges on the quality and quantity of a
city's communications infrastructure.

A highly efficient dark fiber infrastructure from Sun Global LLC will
empower your city with a high-speed, reliable network that will
improve your ability to communicate and enhance your capability to
share resources. It will also help mid-size governments to overcome
major near-term communications obstacles such as:
         • Connecting online resources and databases of city
           departments to share knowledge among disparate
         • Upgrading facilities such as data centers and server farms
            to secure data recovery and business continuity.
         • Developing e-government services resulting in improved
           access  for citizens, increased efficiency, lower costs, and
           greater effectiveness.

Traditional Method Saw Cut Method
Disruptive Non Disruptive
disruptive non disruptive
Slow Fast
slow fast
Unsightly Discreet
unsightly discreet

Sun Global LLC. can link your city with fiber optic connections to
provide secure and dedicated bandwidth connecting numerous
agencies and departments by utilizing MicroDuct products
and the quick and efficient saw cut method of installation.

So whether it's delivering unlimited bandwidth or decreasing costs,
dark fiber is the answer for your city. FTTH will not only improve
your economic prosperity and business culture, but also enhance
government's operating and financial efficiencies.

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